We care about your life. The world does.  Now is the time to be concerned for yourself. Start the journey now. Here, you are not going to walk alone. We will be with you throughout the process.

Drug Rehab and Sober Living Phoenix offers affordable, extended care sober living to those battling with addiction and substance abuse. We provide welcoming sober living homes for those who have great determination to live in a supportive recovery community as they grow and improve their sober lifestyle and continue to develop mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Residents will improve their personal skills level in different aspects, namely: Honesty and integrity, accountability, obtaining and strengthening productive employment, social interaction, personal and financial responsibility, self-esteem, setting goals and acknowledging successes.

We provide our clients with drug abuse treatment plans to help them detoxify in a safe environment and to support them through all the stages in the recovery process. There are different types of treatment choices available for drug use. That includes inpatient and outpatient care programs and residential treatments. Finding the perfect treatment for you is our aim.

Say NO to worries, and YES to a complete and meaningful recovery. You may have faced a lot of adversities before, but now we’re here to help you stand firm amidst the storm. We’re here to help you color your once vague dreams. This is your life and you deserve to live your life to the fullest. You deserve to have a meaningful recovery. Right now, just allow yourself to get changed. Just remember that Drug Rehab and Sober Living Phoenix is here to provide you the aid.



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